Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Pearl Harbour - Pearl's Galore!

A short while after I found "Hula Love", this LP appeared in record shops. Looking at the credits I found one of my heroes, Dick Cuthell, the hornsman who played always with Rico since the mid 70s.

I was never able to identify where he played on this record. When I first made a post on Pearl and Dick Cuthell for my first attempt to be a blogger, Torbach wrote this comment: "I played tenor sax on the Pearl Harbour record in question - apparently, the Specials horns (of whom we were all big fans) had played on an earlier studio version of the song "Flirt", recorded in England, i presume - and a bunch of us were called into a studio in New York to re-record the horns with something more Poppy -which meant kind of simple, stock horn parts and a super simple solo by yours truly. The Specials tenorman had put a beautiful sax solo on there - very jazzy and energetic (one I'd love to hear on the radio or anywhere else), but some genius thought it was "too out there" for a pop single. Well, I wasn't proud but, it was a gig so I did what I was asked, and down went the Specials' horns."

Ok - nobody knows, who plays on this record at least on what you can hear except Torbach whom I like to thank this way for this little insight behind the scene. What soever: enjoy! the music.

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