Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

Les Fréres Guissé - Siré

Les Fréres Guissé started mid 1990s with an acoustic approach to Senegalese music. The brothers Djibi, Cheikh and Aliou play guitar and percussion and they sing. More at Frank Bessem's Musique d'Afrique and at Au-Senegal.

This one is the trio's second cassette produced in Dakar at studio PCS, and released in 1998. Enjoy!

1. Fouta
2. Siré
3. Baay lahad
1. Dèmocratie
2. La hi la lah

Babacar Mboup, thank you very much for leaving me with their music! The Fréres recently released a new CD in the Netherlands available via Amazon et. al.

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