Freitag, 16. November 2012

Orchestre Impala Vol. 8

We've already had five vols. of Orchestre Impala de Kigali(1,2,3,6,7). This is my last one, Vol. 8 from 1986.

I don't know if there were vols. 4 and 5 and if there were cassettes after this. In the shops I've been consulting I couldn't find more (until 1989). So I think that they stopped recording for commercial release.

So please enjoy their last (?) release.

It seems that I will not have enough time to contribute to this blog on a regular basis for the next several months. Sorry.

Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Johnny Bokelo Isenge (Disques Espérance ESP 8420)

Coming back to Congo and Paris Johnny Bokelo is a good choice! Mid 1980s was the time when Congolese music used influences from Zouk and Cameroun to create a harder rhythm. Here Bokelo restists to produce two sides with only one rhythm but offers us four good and different tracks.

Who's in his orchstra, the "Mbonda Africa Music"? I don't know!

Anyway, enjoy this danceable music over the weekend!

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Tighten Up!

Today is Rico Rodriguez' birthday - all the best, Rico!

Rico emigrated from his native Jamaica to the UK. 50 years ago, in 1962 he started recording in London!

Michael de Koningh reissued one of Rico's first records in the UK, originally released in 1962 on the Planetone label, Rico's Combo with "Youth Boogie", as well as two other tracks with his contribution, Joe Mansano's "Life on Reggae Planet" and "The Bullet" on a CD which came with his book "Tighten Up! The History of Reggae in the UK" (2003, now out of print and sold at Amazon for up to 100 €).


Montag, 24. September 2012

Bokelo Isenge - Nasuana Mpoya Mobali (editions mbonda EMB 12)

Johnny Bokelo is a favorite on this blog.

Here we have an example from his Nairobi based label where he released more than 20 7" singles during 1976 and 1977.


Dienstag, 11. September 2012

Orchestre Thouraya d'Alger (vogue contrepoint)

Today I come with a special post as I'm not very acquainted with the music of northern Africa. I found this 10" by chance and couldn't resist to buy without listening.

At home I've heard absolutely extraordinary music: Powerful, driving, soulful.

Released within a series called "Collection du Musée du Monde sous la direction de Gilbert Rouget", recorded in 1952 in Alger.


Freitag, 7. September 2012

Orchestre Mamumay (African 90.972)

Have you heard of Orchestre Mamumay? When I found this record I had to search for information. And couldn't find anything on the web.

O.k., the record itself already helps with important data: side 1 is composed by Mansiamina Mfoko what is Mansiamina Bopol and side 2 by Wuta May or Wuta Mayi.

Both artist were presented here earlier. On Vibes d'Afrique we have a wonderful biography of the two artists, both born in then Leopoldville in 1949, who started together in 1968 in Orchestre Bambula. And they remained close each other until the 21st century.

The above mentioned article says that the two went with Franco and O.K. Jazz since 1974. So this record from 1975 must have bene made in these early O.K. Jazz days.

Have a listen to these great musicians.


Freitag, 31. August 2012

Bholen - Mobali Atulaka Te (Fiesta 51.029)

We have another two sides by Bholen and l'Orchestre Negro Succès.

Hope you will enjoy! I hope that the speed this time is +/- correct.

Freitag, 24. August 2012

T.P. O.K. Jazz - Fariya

This is a lesser known single from Franco's orchestra written by Kiambukuta Londa and released in 1977. The song is also on Franco's LP African 360.105 which was shared by Moos in 2009. Let's hope that he will find the right solution for his blog problems.

Meanwhile enjoy this! New link after WS' comment.

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Bholen & Orch. Negro Succès: Ya Mbala Sima/Kadioka (African 90.129)

Let's continue with the African singles series and more by Negro Succès. This one'e 45 years old, from 1967, with two beautiful Rumbas. Enjoy!

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Wuta-May - Olé La Vie (Eddy'Son)

Back here - can't stop even after that new crash at Global Groove.

Wuta Mayi was a member of TP OK Jazz and recently part of Kékélé. This is an Eddy'Son production from the 1980s.

Freitag, 13. Juli 2012

Orchestre Negro Succès - Les Merveilles du Passé (African 360.013)

Negro Succès was the band of Bholen and Bavon Marie-Marie. According to Alastair Johnson's research (here) all tracks on this LP were written by Bholen.

I've seen that this one was shared by Moos more than two years ago. The link is still dead. So here is another chance to hear this wonderful music. Enjoy my copy which sounds a bit different from Moos'. (Link in the comments section)

I'll be off for some summer-family-weeks. So please don't expect posts until mid-August.

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Orchestre Conga - Conga 13 & 15 (African 91.046, 91.101)

Summer is here, weekend is here. And Bokelo is here with two singles from 1975; Conga 13 is labeled with two tracks (credited to different people: Makaya and Kalanzaya), but has in fact one song with two parts. By the way, these days Makaya and Kalanzaya seem to play with a group called Congobina by Mose Fanfan (here)

Conga 15 is one song credited to Bokelo himself. Side A is in fact side two. (I have not brought the two tracks into correct order). What we hear is a wild sax, wild guitars; a great single anyway.

Discography for Johnny Bokelo here (contributions are welcome!)


Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Orchestre Loga (Fiesta 51.159 + Fiesta 51.160)

For me Orchestre Loga is completely unknown. Even to google the credits' names remained without any success.

This should not keep us from listening. It's solid, fine music of early 1970s congolese music.


And if you can share some information, please feel free to do. We will appreciate any information.

Fiesta discography at here or at Jama Rico here.

Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Merveiles du Passé - African Fiesta 1962 1963 (African 360.163)

Last week Moos shared 360.164 here, and last year he had 360.162 here.

Here is the number in between, 360.163 with songs recorded ca. 1962 and 1963 for Vita, if we can trust the cover infos.

All three come in a similar covers as it was a "trademark" of the label. The music is wonderful, made for a lazy weekend.


More on the African label catalogue? Have a look here and here.

Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Orchestre Celi Bitshu - Helicoptere (African 91611)

It's not the first time that we have Celi Bitshu here. "Helicoptere" was released in 1977.

More on Bitshu here at Jama Rico.
The African label discography as work in progress.

Enjoy! (link in the comments)

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Orchestre African Fiesta (Decca 70.983)

From 1964 this is Vita 10 with Nico and two classics. I'm quite sure that they've been shared elsewhere. But I like these tracks.

If you want you may contribute to a discography of Decca discs here.

Link in the comments.

Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Sonodisc catalogue will be available again?

This is the news I've got over the weekend:

Hi, We recently took over running Sono disc and we reading a ware house of documents about African music.I am sure we will have the answers of your missing releases soon! The tapes too. Check – we will be adding catalogs to it weekly.
JP John Pitcher, MRC

Buried in the depths of our Paris storage facility we are pleased to announce we have started cataloguing, digesting and digitizing the mountain of tapes, stampers, matrices and masters from the Sonodisc, Fonior, Disques Esperance, Decca, Polygram, Fiesta and related labels catalog.
We have taken a photograph of each tape in our possession and are busy cataloguing. masters from Tabu or Dr Nico, dusty tapes from Grand Kalle or Koffi Olomide, a matrice from Franco, reels from OK Jazz or Papa Wemba, … history in our hands indeed.
We are currently seeking experts in the field who wish to assist us in the cataloguing of this large slice of Afro French audio history.

Let's what's going to happen.

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Orchestre Top Forum - Matata (ed. Ntimbo ET 001) - Orchestre Sentima - Mama (ed. Ntimbo ET 003)

As I'm a big fan of Nguashi I'm happy to share two singles here from 1977 when he started his own label in Kenya.

NT 003 with "Mama" was reissued on LP together with his hit "Shauri Yako" in 1983. My copy has some bad scratches on side 2. So I've added an cleaned version. A better one you can find over at Ghostcapital, who recently shared this LP in flac format.

A discography on Nguashi N'timbo you can find here.

links in the comments. Enjoy!

Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

Orchestre Bella-Bella (African 90.553)

For the weekend we have one more African single, Verckys sax starts late but full of dynamite.

Enjoy this fine single.
DL in the comments.

Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

Les Bantous de la Capitale (Fiesta 360.118)

This record is part of the African 360 series with another label. This LP was shared by Moos two years ago, but as his DL link is still dead I decided to share it for the new ones among us with a rip of my copy.

Les Bantous are good as ever.

Enjoy! (Link in the comments)

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Orchestre Los Angel (African 90.048)

Today we have a single from the African label, released in 1966. Orchestre Los Angel is mentionel in Gary Stewart's book: we can read that it was lead by Albert Missia who called himself Robin. There are two tracks on L'Afrique Danse Vol. 2 as well as on Vol. 3.

They continued in the early 70s as Surprise Los Angel. Some more singles apeared on the Fiesta label. Discography at Jama Rico.

Here are two more tracks. Enjoy!

Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

African Hits Vol. V

Today we come with Vol. 5 of the African Hits tape series issued on the Rwandan market in the mid 1980s. This one has more music from Cameroun and some Zouk. So please enjoy!

Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Orchestre African Jazz (Decca 71.070)

An early African Jazz single with a Merengue credited to Nico and - yes: "The Last Dance" on the flip side.

The quailty is low but as I haven't seen this single in Alastair Johnston's discography, I decides to share it here. Maybe it's been released under another title as there are several Merengues in the list?!

Have a listen!

Samstag, 28. April 2012

Orchestre Vévé (African 360.106 B)

Sorry for yesterdays misstake.

Here we have a compilation of Orch. Vévé's material from 1973 to 1977.

Phantastic sax solos for your pleasure!
New link.