Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Fellows - Brigitte 85

Hi, friends, I wish you a happy, peaceful new year 2011! For your party I've choosen a cassette from 1985 Rwanda, from a time, when it was possible to have a good time even in Rwanda.

For me this tape was the most danceable, the most Kinshasa oriented output in Rwanda at all. Even the name of the band indicated that they did not want to be a local band. "Brigitte" and "Bonne année" are real smash hits.


At the years end we should make a resumé:
I've posted 25 entries (enough?).
What you liked most was:
5. OK Jazz - Loboko
4. Orch. Lipua Lipua - Editions Vévé
3. Omar Pene - Navetanes
2. Zao - Ancien Combattant
1. Orchestre Impala - Vol. 1
5. Sam Mangwana - Affaire Disco
4. Orchestre Impala - Vol. 1
3. Bantous Jazz - Les Merveilles du Passé
2. Zao - Ancien Combattant
1. Orchestre Lipua Lipua

Some fireworks near Goma. Nyamulagira in August 1986.

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Robert Wyatt with The Swapo Singers: The Wind of Change (12")

As I've promised earlier today I would like to share "The Wind of Change", a song from the "SWAPO Freedom Songs" LP, here with Robert Wyatt and produced by Jerry Dammers! It was Dammers' next step on African matters after "Nelson Mandela" and "Starvation". The horn section is by Dick Cuthell on flugelhorn/trumpet and Annie Whitehead on trombone. Annie replaced Rico on several occasions in the UK post-2Tone scene. And she's done well.

The Swapo Singers - SWAPO Freedom Songs

The 1980s were the time, when the countries of southern Africa were fighting for freedom. In Namibia SWAPO organised not only this struggle but also a lot of support in Europe. One document was this LP here which led to a very pop(ular) version of a song called "Wind of Change" (I will share next).
I hope you will enjoy these songs.

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Nicolas Menheim - Néné Chérie

Coming back to late 1990s Senegal, where Nicolas Menheim served with a strong salsa sound. He was around 1990 founding member of Africando and recorded in the late 1990s material with his own group, The Super Sabador, for two local tapes, Néné Chérie and Commandante Ché Guevara, the second one gave title to a CD reissue of these recordings on Günther Gretz' Popular African Music label which is eventually still available at Stern's.

I love the trombone sound by Wilfred Zissou. Enjoy!

Once The Beat wrote on the CD: "The standard of the music throughout this release is outstanding: This has some of the best Sengalese salsa we have heard, with strong songs beautifully sung. The horn section of Théophile Preira, Malick Barry on trumpets and Wilfred Zissou on trombone is outstanding and there is some really nice guitar from Mamadou Diack. Nicolas' honeyed vocals float majestically over the proceedings. Le Super Sabador is unique in Senegal in having a female vocalist, the magnificent Maguette Dione, described as the Senegalese Celia Cruz. She provides lead on "A Puerto Rico" and probably the best track on this release, the classic Labah Sosseh track "El Divorcio." Maguette really does have an incredible voice: I look forward to hearing more of her in the future."

Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010

Orchestre T.P. OK Jazz - Loboko

Let's welcome back our friends over at Franco Restored here with a Franco composition from 1979, released on Populaires EP 102. It's one out of six singles which exosed me for the very first time with Congolese music; another one by Nguashi N'Timbo I shared some weeks ago.
Enjoy Franco with some cracks! This single was already played a lot of times in Goma near Lake Kivu.