Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Nguashi N'timbo - Manguta

Manguta was for me the first step towards African music. In summer of 1980 I spent four weeks in Rwanda preparing a fund raising program for a youth project in Gisenyi. There was my friend Emmanuel within our group as an interpreter; one afternoon he said that he will go over to Goma to find some recorded music, and he asked me if I would also be interested. Of cource, I was! When he returned, his collection was small, some ten or twelve 7inch records we shared on the spot. Only: I didn't know anything - no names, no music.

Back home (in Berlin at the time) I cleaned the music an listened. Wow! That was something - great. And the undisputed hit for me was this song "Manguta" whom I really love since that time. (The other singles I hope to share in future.)

Without internet I couldn't get any information about the person behind this name N'timbo. Even years later there was nothing to find. Today it's better; but still no serious biography. We don't know when he's born, if he's stll among us ... I really want to make an interview with Nguashi N'timbo. If you know more, please leave me a note.

Ok, what I know from various sources on the web you can find here at the Jama Rico Wiki.

Recently the friends over at Franco et le TP OK Jazz Restored presented N'timbo's LP Manguta. I decides to put the LP again up as well as the single. In a comment overthere someone mentioned that the versions on single and LP are different. I'm not shure. I also added bigger cover scans.

Interesting is that the LP was made and released in Abidjan, not in Zaire.

Here is Manguta on 7", and here is the LP. Enjoy!

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  1. Nguashi Ntimbo was a member of the TPOK jazz in the late 70s and early 80s, a great vocalist and a superb composer. He also had his own group Festival du Zaire. He was a member of Orchestres Sentima & Citoyen as well. Manguta was a mega hit in Kenya in the 80s, his other composition with Festival du Zaire, Shauri Yako, that was sung in Swahili is also an all time hit in the Swahili speaking East Africa and has been copied by several other groups.

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