Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

Bantous Jazz - Les Merveilles du Passé (1962-1964) (Vol. 1)

Just a short post with music from the early 1960s Congo. Released in 1985 this LP on the African label was waiting for me in - Paris, where else. I hope that this volume with cat.-no. 360.146 has not jet been presented in the blogosphere; a summary (to be continued) of blog reissues for this label you can find here.
The tracks are:
  1. Gary Mobali Ya Tembe
  2. Watchi Wara
  3. Oiga Mambo
  4. Boka Ya Ngele
  5. Kumbele Kumbele
  6. Osengi Lisusus Pardon?
  7. Angele Na Mouyondzi
  8. Okei Liboso Tala Sima
  9. Ezali Na Bato Banso
  10. Bolingo Botioli
You can hear wonderful relaxed songs from bandmembers Kouka Célestin, Nino Malapet, Jojo, Casino and Papa Noel as well as their version of "Watchi Wara". Enjoy!

This picture of banana traders was taken in former Zaire near Goma in 1986.

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