Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Sam Mangwana - Affaire Disco

Today I would like to share a well known artist with many well know songs. Many of Sam Mangwana's LPs have been reissued via the blog-sphere; this one - I think - is not jet distributed here. I bought my copy around 1984, and as I made a K7 copy the LP remained almost untouched for years.
"Affaire Disco" is a kind of song, that enters your ears and will stay there for long. And when I've been driving in Africa, listening him singing "Ojeh, Africa" I heard all the misery and all the fun of this beloved continent at the same time.
The LP was recorded in Paris with Syran, Pablo and Bopol. Enjoy!
The picure below is from Nairobi, ca. 1986/87.

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