Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Nguashi N'timbo - Shauri Yako

This is kind of a special post and I'd like to thank two friends for giving their files.

Recently Moos shared another Nguashi LP, Manguta, you've seen here too. Pius offered in the comments a CD rip of "Shauri Yako". 'Oh that's great', I thought and got in contact. Thank you, Pius; I share the whole thing, a compilation by Tamasha Records from Kenya with the following track list:
1. SHAURI YAKO – Nguashi N’timbo
2. MAMI – Nzele Kabamba
3. SIMAKALA – Nzele Kabamba
4. KABU PT.1 - Nzele Kabamba
5. KABU PT.2 - Nzele Kabamba

Some more time ago, maybe two years or so, I've got - thank's again, Zim - this rip of (a tape copy of) Nguashi's LP with Orchestre Festival du Zaire, which was as far as I can see the original Shauri Yako release ; on the LP there are two tracks we know from GGs Citoyen LP, "Citoyen" and "Mama" as well as "Liwa", "Shauri Yako" and "Bosomele". The quality is not so good, but the power is great, especially for "Shauri Yako".

So I decides to share the both and hope you will enjoy

the tape copy of the 1983 LP and
the compilation rip!

Samstag, 26. November 2011

Orchestre Flambeau - Benalu / Banzaka Ngai Fifi (African 90.988 B)

The B-side here is written by a certain Mansia Mina Mfoko - yes, better know as Bopol Mansiamina, who was at the time - 1975 - , as far as I found out, working for Tabu Ley and playing with Afrisa International.
The A-side is written by (Augustin) Nsingi Mageda, who was solo guitarist with Les Grands Maquisards until their split in 1974. If that means that the two worked together here? This release is "Flambeau 11" which means that they had their own label in Zaire and that this was already an 11th single?! Until now I couldn't find one other release - and nothing else. Can you help us with more background?

By the way, nice music! Enjoy!

Freitag, 18. November 2011

Mayaoula Mayoni (Disc-Orient D.O. 0024)

Mayaula, who passed away last year was already here with a 1970s single, "Ye Mon Amour". I'm happy to share another record, 12" 33rpm with two tracks, "Bon Anniversaire" and "Tonton Akué". In the early 1980s Mayaula released at least 3 records in Abijan (in 1982 D.O. 0022 with four tracks, here at Global Groove) I don't know if he was in those years in Abidjan and if he recorded this material there. The short biographies on the web are more than short and can't help.


Samstag, 12. November 2011

Orchestre African Mod Matata (EMI Pathé, 1976)

Some weeks ago I shared with you an African single by Orch. Africa Mode Matata and asked for more informtion on that group. Poltroon refered to this LP which was released two years later. Despite the slightly different name it must be the same group.

On the cover we see the band with four singers in the frontline. And it's their vocal harmony which makes this album special. Third from left is a small man, who's name must be Toussaint Mobenga, who is according to Matthew Lavoie the founder of A.M.M., starting this orchestra after the split of Orchestre Novelty in 1966 (more here).


Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Zaiko Langa-Langa - Mbeya Mbeya (African 90.794 B)

I promised to come back to African music. Here is another African single. A phantastic, typic ZLL-melody.

Hope you'll enjoy as I do!

Samstag, 5. November 2011

Third World: Now That We've Found Love

1985 was a year when the decline of Island Records already had started. One sign was that they started to compile and reissue older material: one series was called "Reggae Greats". The release of a volume for Third World was accompanied by two 12 inch singles: and all they told us was to dance - day and night.

Some reggae/dance memories here before I come back to Africa soon.
Enjoy the day!
Enjoy the night!