Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Nguashi N'timbo - Shauri Yako

This is kind of a special post and I'd like to thank two friends for giving their files.

Recently Moos shared another Nguashi LP, Manguta, you've seen here too. Pius offered in the comments a CD rip of "Shauri Yako". 'Oh that's great', I thought and got in contact. Thank you, Pius; I share the whole thing, a compilation by Tamasha Records from Kenya with the following track list:
1. SHAURI YAKO – Nguashi N’timbo
2. MAMI – Nzele Kabamba
3. SIMAKALA – Nzele Kabamba
4. KABU PT.1 - Nzele Kabamba
5. KABU PT.2 - Nzele Kabamba

Some more time ago, maybe two years or so, I've got - thank's again, Zim - this rip of (a tape copy of) Nguashi's LP with Orchestre Festival du Zaire, which was as far as I can see the original Shauri Yako release ; on the LP there are two tracks we know from GGs Citoyen LP, "Citoyen" and "Mama" as well as "Liwa", "Shauri Yako" and "Bosomele". The quality is not so good, but the power is great, especially for "Shauri Yako".

So I decides to share the both and hope you will enjoy

the tape copy of the 1983 LP and
the compilation rip!

8 Kommentare:

  1. For a long time look for this album.
    One of my favorite artists and bands.


  2. Hi, thank you very much to keep your promise to post the "Shauri Yako" lp. I was long time searching for it.
    It makes me really happy.

  3. Thank you for sharing your treasures!

    But I think the Cassette-version is just a compilation of Nguashi tracks. The CD-version includes the same songs as the original LP.

    see here on muzikifans discography (1981
    ASLP 936):
    and also here (with a different cover):


  4. Totally interesting and totally confusing. Thank's for your comments. Who's got that LP in 2007?!

  5. yes, I think the recycler is right, doing a little research on this subject and will try to send you some more info on the various nguashi projects including citoyen, top forum, etc

  6. Great songs but 128 Kbps hurts.
    I know that I'm a beggar and not a chooser.
    Is it possible for you to upload a rip with a higher bit rate?
    I loved the songs big time.

  7. I just tried to bid for two Nguashi ASL singles on ebay, Shauri Yako (ASL 3393) and Lembi (ASL 2277)- with no chance.

  8. @ Franck: It's the first time I've posted files I didn't make by myself: it's been the gift of other people. Despite my message above I think that I'll be able to post "Shauri Yako" in 320 quality soon. Please wait.