Freitag, 18. November 2011

Mayaoula Mayoni (Disc-Orient D.O. 0024)

Mayaula, who passed away last year was already here with a 1970s single, "Ye Mon Amour". I'm happy to share another record, 12" 33rpm with two tracks, "Bon Anniversaire" and "Tonton Akué". In the early 1980s Mayaula released at least 3 records in Abijan (in 1982 D.O. 0022 with four tracks, here at Global Groove) I don't know if he was in those years in Abidjan and if he recorded this material there. The short biographies on the web are more than short and can't help.


2 Kommentare:

  1. Thank you for this and the previous posting of congolese music. This single of Mayaoula Mayoni is warming my soul now the winter has entered here.
    I hope you do not get tired of posting these great tunes from Zaire/Congo.


  2. Yes, I'll try to continue from time to time, trying to post on a weekly basis - more or less but not only music from Congo.
    It's always a pleasure - for me too - to find something new, old and interesting.