Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Orchestre Loga (Fiesta 51.159 + Fiesta 51.160)

For me Orchestre Loga is completely unknown. Even to google the credits' names remained without any success.

This should not keep us from listening. It's solid, fine music of early 1970s congolese music.


And if you can share some information, please feel free to do. We will appreciate any information.

Fiesta discography at Bolingo.org here or at Jama Rico here.

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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2xqnlfx66tw3thx


  2. Thank you for these two rips by Orchestre Loga. I'm surprised by the good sound quality.
    I love these unknown orchestras from Congo/Zaire.


  3. Dear Internet site dial africa,
    Could you give me this gift, to the site and dial africa on the download link mediafire, the album is titled ISIFI Lokole YOKA Lokole & P Event-SPECIAL VINE (JAPOM) (AC-10023/24 / 25) if you plaît.Cela a very long time I am looking for this album réecouter.Thank infinitely.

  4. Thank you for this line has 45 turns of the orchestra loga.
    At first, I wish they would put online dialafricablogspot and the download link mediafire April 45 laps of the orchestra YOKA Lokole for the month of July: Bet (PAR 87) A.MATEMBELE BANGI 1 (SHUNGUWEMBADIO)
    B.MATEMBELE BANGI 2 (Shungu Wembadio), (BY 79) YA A.MALOBA Bakoko 1 (Mavuela SOMO)
    B.MALOBA YA Bakoko 2 (Mavuela SOMO), MONINGA (MON 08) A.PESA nzoto KILO 1 (Mbuta MASHAKADO)
    B.PESA nzoto KILO 2 (Mbuta MASHAKADO), (VEVE 246) (91,529 african) A.TESTAMENT 1 (Mavuela SOMO)
    B.TESTAMENT 2 (Mavuela SOMO.However, I strongly encourage you in your musical research.

    1. Sorry Jossy, but I don't have what you're looking for. But some other little pearls will follow. Stay tuned.

  5. Thanks for this and your many other generous posts :)

  6. Love the covers of the higher numbers 45's of African and this series of Fiesta ! The pleasure of listening for me is much enhanced by good photography of scenes of the time and of some of these beautiful artifacts! Thank you Dial for sticking it out and maintaining this blog that just keeps getting better and better!