Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Orchestre Conga - Conga 13 & 15 (African 91.046, 91.101)

Summer is here, weekend is here. And Bokelo is here with two singles from 1975; Conga 13 is labeled with two tracks (credited to different people: Makaya and Kalanzaya), but has in fact one song with two parts. By the way, these days Makaya and Kalanzaya seem to play with a group called Congobina by Mose Fanfan (here)

Conga 15 is one song credited to Bokelo himself. Side A is in fact side two. (I have not brought the two tracks into correct order). What we hear is a wild sax, wild guitars; a great single anyway.

Discography for Johnny Bokelo here (contributions are welcome!)


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