Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Orchestre Afrisa - Ponce Pilate (African 91.607)

This is not the best song Tabu Ley made during his long career, but I'd like to know what he's singing about in this song.

Have a listen and enjoy anyway!

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  1. Found this bio material from Ken Braun: "Bands are as likely as marriages to break up. Midway through a 1978 tour of West Africa, Dizzy Mandjeku, Lokassa Ya Mbongo and two other musicians split off from Afrisa International to form the African All-Stars with Sam Mangwana, a singer who'd got his start with Rochereau in the mid '60s. With engagements to honour, Ley had no choice but to replace the deserters with local musicians found along the way. That, however, did not deter him from taking this ragtag brigade into a studio in Cotonou, Benin, to record a song he had just written. As he explained to Modero Mekanisi, his stalwart saxophonist and chef d'orchestre, he wanted everyone to know that this schism was not his fault and he should not be blamed if things went badly for the renegades. He gave Dino Vangu, Afrisa's only remaining guitarist, the lead; the band settled into a rudimentary E-A-E-B chord progression and a 4/4 rhythm; and Ley (a soloist in the Roman Catholic Church choir of his youth) sang: "I lift my hands to heaven. I disregard pride. Bring me a towel and water to wash my hands Like Pontius Pilate, who kept himself out of the mess of Jesus' death." The New Testament lesson given, three choristers joined the cantor in a wry commentary. "We're shocked when we see someone injure someone else, But we laugh when someone injures himself. A woman flirts with you, and you desire her, Then she trips over a stew-pot, and it's all over." But the song was far from over. Ponce Pilate turned into a long elegy for the end of a love affair. "I loved you deep in my heart. I gave you my young body. I became familiar with your ways, good and bad. On the outskirts of town I will wait for you, where we can question each other." With and without his choristers, Ley sang this refrain 15 times. And yet for all the repetition, the singers and instrumentalists performed with unflagging verve, never sounded like a makeshift band, and fully justified the song's 12 minutes. (In 1989 Ley and a better-rehearsed Afrisa re-recorded Ponce Pilate, and at half the length of the original it wasn't half as good.) "

    Does that help?! Cheers, David

  2. Thank you lot have posted this 45s the orchestra Afrisa.Ponce Pilate, is a song of Tabu Ley output in the late 70s.
    I love what you faites.I'm Marcel Lionel.Puis I have your email address, so I'll contact please.

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