Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Music and Rhythm (1982)

In 1982 Warner released a compilation double album which reflected the idea of Peter Gabriel to open a path from African, Asian and American music to the ears of British rock and pop audience. We find some of the interesting British pop bands and artists(Beat, XTC, Peter Hammill, Jon Hassell), as well as acts from around the world assemble to promote the World of Music Arts and Dance now well known as WOMAD.

It was kind of a beginning of the World Music marketing label.

We also find Rico Rodriguez with an early version of "What You're Talking 'bout" which was released the same year as "Junge Music" on the 2Tone label. The song remained a core part of Rico's live programme all over the 1990s into the new century.

11 Kommentare:

  1. LP 1:
    LP 2:

  2. Thanks for LP2. Mediafire seem to have confused LP1 with something else - I got this message when I tried the link - "It's Nearly Africa (2001 Digital Remaster)" by XTC may be available for download from Amazon."


  3. Thanks for this - great stuff! Any chance of getting a repost of LP1? As mentioned, the link is not correct there.

    1. This depends on Mediafire's politics; they idetified XTC's contribution as a song available at iTunes. Actually I will respect this. I'll prepare a file without that one track, let's see what happens.

  4. Any luck getting that LP1 together again in a file? Would appreciate it. Thanks

  5. Got it! Thanks for your extra efforts with the repost on this.

  6. I love this album! I had it on vinyl back in the day. I was disappointed to find that Disc One Track 9 (Rico, What You Talkin' Bout) skips. Any chance of re-posting this song? Thanks!

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