Freitag, 7. September 2012

Orchestre Mamumay (African 90.972)

Have you heard of Orchestre Mamumay? When I found this record I had to search for information. And couldn't find anything on the web.

O.k., the record itself already helps with important data: side 1 is composed by Mansiamina Mfoko what is Mansiamina Bopol and side 2 by Wuta May or Wuta Mayi.

Both artist were presented here earlier. On Vibes d'Afrique we have a wonderful biography of the two artists, both born in then Leopoldville in 1949, who started together in 1968 in Orchestre Bambula. And they remained close each other until the 21st century.

The above mentioned article says that the two went with Franco and O.K. Jazz since 1974. So this record from 1975 must have bene made in these early O.K. Jazz days.

Have a listen to these great musicians.


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