Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

Orchestre O.K. Jazz - Nakosala Nakolota (African 90.318)

New year is 2 weeks old; I fight against time but wanted to show that I'm still alive. I wish you all the best ...
When I prepared this I realised that WorldService already shared this single with more information about the composer of both tracks, Vicky, his relation to Franco and OK Jazz. My copy is also not the very best (for decliquers use the wav file I've added this time). My copy comes with another cover: I ask myself for what kind of client they put the music into this kind of picture?

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  1. All the best for you too. Nakosala Nakolota is a wonderful song and there can't be enough Franco available!

  2. Additional versions are always welcome where Franco's music is concerned!
    They have used this cover for a series of 45's. One of the many oddities of the African label.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you for your information about the malware problem over at the zerogsounds blog. I deleted the link to Digital MeltdOwn Music Blogroll, hope everything is fine now!? Do you have more informations about the malware problem and how to handle it. I have problems entering the comment section, may this be a part of the malware problem? Thanks for any help!

    And many thanks for your always inspring blog!!!



  4. @ zero. I realised that chrome did not open your blog as well as Moos' Global Groove blog. I followed the discussion on some of his latest posts and there was this remark with Meltd0wn. Now access is possible without problem on your and on Moos' blog. But GG has still the Meltd0wn link?! I can't explain. Please ask Moos what he's done.

  5. Many good wishes for you too, for a peaceful new year. Thanks for the WAV! :-)

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