Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Orchestre Abamararungu - Inanga Y'Amahoro

It's time to come back to Rwanda. A new group apeared in 1987 with a tape calle "Peace zither", inanga is the instrument you see on the cover; maybe they were already too late. Peace vanished during the following years from this wonderful country.
The music is beautiful. Production was made by Jean Uwimana.


3 Kommentare:

  1. wow Inanga!..this is for me!and for all of you...
    many thanks dial A

  2. Hello Nauma, I hope that you did not expect to listen to the inanga?!
    By the way I was surprised by the fact that only the German Wikipedia offered an article on this instrument. If I'll find some time I will try a translation into English.

  3. in French :


    yes I did expect to listen to inanga!I'm in love with the instrument and its sound
    but this is nice too!

    for the real sound of inanga I have made this compilation of Rujindiri tracks
    all the best-thanks again.